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Recently, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC), and APT Satellite Company Limited (APT) signed the Contract of APSTAR-6E Satellite In-orbit Delivery.

APSTAR-6E is a geostationary orbit high-throughput communication satellite based on DFH-3E small satellite platform and it will be launched by Long March 2C launch vehicle in the year of 2023. Compared to the traditional satellite platform, DFH-3E platform is a highly cost-effective solution for regional and global satellite operators with less investment. APSTAR-6E Satellite will use Ku band HTS communication system to provide broadband satellite telecommunication services to the Asia Pacific region.

CGWIC and APT, together with China Academy of Space Technology and China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, will establish a Joint Venture. It is agreed that upon the establishment of the Joint Venture all obligations and rights of APT under the Satellite Contract shall be assigned and transferred to the Joint Venture. The signing of APSTAR-6E Satellite contract shows that CGWIC keeps providing diversified and competitive communication satellite products to the international market.