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On 12:13, June 2nd, 2018 BJT, Long March 2D (LM-2D) successfully launched Gaofen 6 satellite as main passenger, and Luojia 1-01 of Wuhan University as piggyback passenger.

Luojia 1-01 is a night-light remote sensing satellite designed and manufactured by the team leading by Wuhan University, and it will be used for study of night-light remote sensing's application in social economy.

This launch marks the 276th flight of Long March family, and it is the 40th flight of LM-2D launch vehicle. This is the first piggyback launch mission of CGWIC for domestic university, and it's also an active attempt of CGWIC to assist university's study, and help to improve innovation and application. This is the sixth satellite launched by CGWIC in 2018, and over 20 domestic and international piggyback satellites are expected to be launched by CGWIC in coming months of this year.

The LM-2D Launch Vehicle is designed and manufactured by Shanghai Academy of Space Technology (SAST). The main passenger of this mission, Gaofen 6 satellite, is the first remote sensing satellite with off-axis four-mirror, and freeform space optical technology. The satellite is designed and manufactured by China Academy Space Technology (CAST). Both SAST and CAST are the subsidiaries of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC).