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On 05:28am, May 21st, 2018 (GMT+8 Beijing Time), Long March 4C launch vehicle successfully performed the ChangE-4 Tracking and Data Relay Satellite launch mission (CE-4). The passengers consist of the CE-4 TDRS Satellite – "QueQiao" and two HIT scientific satellites – "LongJiang-1 and 2". In this mission, CGWIC successfully piggybacked the Lunar Camera Payload for Saudi Arabia. The cooperation is under the G2G framework of China-Saudi Lunar Exploration Cooperation Memorandum signed in 2017, implemented by CGWIC with support from China Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center, which is of great significance to further strengthen the China-Saudi cooperation in the field of Space.

CE-4 Program is the lunar exploration program comprises of two launch missions. The first mission is the successful launch of "QueQiao" TDRS satellite mission and the second one is the CE-4 Lunar lander/Rover launch mission which is planned to be conduct at the end of year 2018. By then, CE-4 lunar Lander/Rover will become the first spacecraft to achieve the soft landing on the dark side of the lunar surface.

"Queqiao" TDRS satellite is developed by China Spacesat Co. Ltd. The satellite will be operated at the Earth-Moon Lagrangian 2 libration point, providing the tracking and data relay link for the lunar Lander/Rover to be launched later this year.

"LongJiang-1/2" satellites are developed by Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), the leading engineering and technology-based university in China. The satellites will fly in formation orbiting the moon and perform the Lunar Ultra-length wave Interference Scientific Experiments. Saudi's lunar camera payload onboard the LongJiang-1 satellite will perform the imaging and observation of the moon.

The LM-4C launch vehicle is the three-stage liquid propellant LV developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST). This mission marks the 275th flight of Chinese Long March LV family.