LM-3B successfully launches SJ-13/Chinasat-16 HTS Satellite The current page: Home -> News

China's first high throughput satellite SJ-13/Chinasat-16 was launched by LM-3B launch vehicle from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center today.

The satellite, with the capacity over 20G bps which exceeds the total capacity of all Chinese communications satellites before, was sent to orbit at 19:04 p.m. (Beijing time) by a LM-3B launch vehicle.

The satellite is developed by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), based on its DFH-4 platform using hydric propulsion technology. For the first time among all the DFH-4 based satellite, it will use electric propulsion for its on station keeping.

The launch mission is the 79th mission of the Long March 3A series launch vehicle and the 246th flight of Long March Family.