Satellite Applications

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Satellite Broadcasting System (SBS)


SBS is an integrated satellite synthesis service platform for satellite data broadcasting, radio and TV broadcasting. The system includes a satellite broadcasting uplink earth station and from several dozen to hundreds of receiving only terminals.

Integrated Satellite Ground Stations

With 20 year's experience in the construction of and product R&D for satellite ground application systems, we have successfully completed the design and implementation of a large number of significant satellite ground station projects. We have well-established technological foundations and have developed a series of key ground station equipment to which we hold the independent intellectual property rights. In the construction of large-scale ground stations, CGWIC has always focused on providing “turn-key” solutions to domestic and international customers including:

  • TTC&M Stations
  • Satellite Remote Sensing Ground Stations
  • Meteorological Satellite Command and Data Acquisition Stations
  • Mobile Remote Sensing Ground Stations

VSAT Systems

The C and Ku band VSAT system is a two-way broadband DVB-RCS compliant satellite access system. It is a multi-service platform for voice, video and data services, providing an option to deploy communication applications across all market segments, including remote medical networks, long-distance education networks, government and enterprise networks as well as internet access, web browsing, video conferencing, digital media streaming, file transfers and multicasting.

“On-The-Move” Satellite Communication System


Ku-band “On-The-Move” satellite communication vehicles use mono-pulse auto-tracking technology, gyro-group stabilisation and compensation technology, to ensure that the system antenna follows the satellite continuously. “On-The-Move” satellite communication vehicles can be widely utilised for the transmission of audio, data and video via satellite, processing and storage of video and data, satellite communications over private networks, and can serve as command and administration centers in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Other Systems / Products