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An Overview of CGWIC Export Control System Organization Structure

1. Internal Compliance Program (ICP) Committee

This is the company's highest management review and decision-making body for export control, and directs the activities of the export control office.
Main responsibilities include:

  • The consideration of management approaches for the implementation of the company's export control duties;
  • The development of the company's export control principles and objectives;
  • The review of company exports of major or sensitive items and the identification of principles and programs for the self-regulatory handling of export issues;
  • The promotion of improvements to the self-regulatory mechanisms.

2. Internal Compliance Program (ICP) Office

Main responsibilities include:

  • The implementation of export control policies established by the export control committee, management control of all company entities;
  • The tracking and reporting to the export control committee of any changes related to export control policies, laws and regulations;
  • The review of the company's exported products and technology;
  • The centralized management of export permit declarations and approvals;
  • The provision of export control consulting to all company entities;
  • The organisation of staff export control training;
  • The supervision and regular inspection of export control measures in all company entities.

3. Export Control Responsibility System Across All Company Entities

  • General manager of each company entity : primarily responsible for export control within the entity

    Main responsibilities include: The implementation within the entity of relevant national laws and regulations and company export control policies as well as the export control list.

  • Export Control Manager :

    Main responsibilities include : Initial review of entity export goods, performance of day-to-day export control tasks.

China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC)'s Statement on Non-Proliferation Compliance

CGWIC believes that the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their means of delivery is conducive neither to world peace and stability, nor to China's security and is absolutely contrary to CGWIC's values of being responsible for the benefits of the international community.

As the sole commercial organization authorized by the Chinese government to provide international commercial launch services and engage in satellite product import and export business, CGWIC is dedicated to promoting the peaceful application of space technology. According to China's munitions product trade franchise system and the business aims of CGWIC, CGWIC has no right to, and will never engage in the import and export of missiles and their associated products. CGWIC not only supports, but also strictly abides by the Chinese government's laws and regulations concerning non-proliferation and export control.

CGWIC adheres to the principle of full examination and control on goods to be exported, and clearly sets the target of non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their means of delivery above its commercial interests.

February 12, 2007

Relevant State Export Control Management Laws and Regulations

Ministry of Commerce Website - http://exportcontrol.mofcom.gov.cn/index.shtml
General Administration of Customs Website - http://www.customs.gov.cn/publish/portal0/

EU and US Export Control Related Websites

1. EU Export Control Website:
See http://ec.europa.eu/trade/issues/sectoral/industry/dualuse/index_en.htm for EU export control policies

2. Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN), U.S. Department of State Website:
See http://www.state.gov/t/isn for U.S. government non-proliferation policy and applicable sanctions

3. Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce (BIS) Website:
See http://www.bis.doc.gov/ for United States Government export control policy

4. Checking the Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of the Treasury:
Go to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of the Treasury website at:
http://www.treas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/sdn/, and enter the name of the organisation or individual which you are looking for in the search bar, to verify whether these are on the U.S. Government's Specially Designated Nationals list.